Call of Juarez: Gunslinger [v 1.0.5] (2013) PC | Patch
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Call of Juarez: Gunslinger [v 1.0.5] (2013) PC | Patch
Игра: Call of Juarez: Gunslinger
Версия: Update v1.05
Поддерживаемые языки: Rus/Multi
Релиз-группа: BAT
Защита: Steam
Требуемая версия: любая

- hit indicator is now disabled in True West difficulty mode
- new option to disable crosshair regardless of the difficulty mode
- new option to adjust mouse sensitivity on duels
- new settings available in video.scr file
- additional checks before posting scores to the leaderboards
- additional credits

- fixed problems with audio on 7.1 output configurations
- fixed crashes related to using 7.1 audio configurations
- fixed potential crash when using long Steam nicknames with non-latin characters
- leaderboards now correctly display nicks with non-latin characters
- patched up heavy stuttering when using certain keyboard and mouse models
- workaround for blocks when booting the game on systems that have problems with video playback
- tweaked enemy behavior on duels to avoid duels with no conclusion
- fixed HUD gadget in Arcade mode sometimes not displaying "versus" friend's name
- fixed navigation and centering in My Score and Friends leaderboards
- tweaks and fixes in the Japanese localization

- quick access to users' profiles is now possible directly from any leaderboard menu
- new game option allows to "de-pimp" legendary weapons in order to use standard (regular) skins
- extra directional arrows are now displayed next to action keys during Quick Time Event sequences when playing on mouse/keyboard
- slightly balanced Ranger's possibilities of building score in the Arcade mode
- availability of the hit indicator in the True West difficulty mode now depends on the "crosshair" settings in the game's options
- changing game's difficulty during the first mission doesn't affect granting achievements after completing the playthrough on different difficulties - it now counts from the second mission onwards
- new settings available in the video.scr file
- additional characters for the Japanese font allow for better display of users' nicks on leaderboards

- fixed potential gameplay block in the "Bounty Hunter Is Still My Name" mission
- fixed several inconsistencies of the Ranger, Rifle and Sawed-off Rifle animations
- corrected Ranger's Fast Aim bonus in the Arcade Mode
- fixed problem of resetting the video settings to default values at each launch of the game
- fixed potential crash on re-launching the game after setting shadows quality to a value unobtainable on the given configuration
- fixed crash when using -safemode command line switch to reset the video settings to default values
- fixed some problems with audio playback potentially leading to audio blackouts etc.
- fixed mapping of the audio channels on 4.0 quadrophonic output configurations
- fixed potential crash after using the Steam overlay in the leaderboards menu
- workaround for apparent blocks when the game is sent to background during loading
- fixed some rare scenarios of losing the game's window after sending it to background
- workaround for problems when booting the game on systems that have problems with video playback. Please follow the instructions from http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/download-windows-media-player in case of such problems.
- minor tweaks and fixes in all localizations

- problem with main menu missing and gameplay issues observed on some regional settings
- overlapping texts in controller layout settings in Russian localization
- outro subtitles line breaking in English localization

- the bug leading to a gameplay block in the "Bounty Hunter Is Still My Name" mission has been fixed;
- management of the partial progress of the "Quality Time" achievement has been fixed;
- visibility of distant enemy shots has been corrected and improved;
- typos in the English localization of the collectable notes, as spotted by the Escapist Magazine's review and you, have been corrected;
- (unsupported feature!) the DOF hotkey in the free camera mode has been restored;

- problems with enemy AI movement on some CPU configurations leading to gameplay blocks (on the Henry Plummer bossfight, the Grey Wolf encounter, etc.)
For anybody who encountered this issue, it's strongly recommended to start over their playthrough for the best possible experience. Enjoy!

- additional credits: special thanks to the Steam community members for tracking and testing this issue!

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