State of Decay [Update 27(17) + 2 DLC] (2013) PC | RePack от R.G. Freedom
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State of Decay [Update 27(17) + 2 DLC] (2013) PC | RePack от R.G. Freedom

Год выпуска: 2013 
Жанр: Action, 3D,3rd_Person
Разработчик:Undead Labs
Издатель: Microsoft
Язык интерфейса:  Русский
Язык озвучки: Английский
Тип издания: RePack
Версия игры: (update 27(17)) 
Таблетка:  Вшита (3DM)

√ ОС: Windows XP (SP3) /Vista (SP2) / Window s 7
√ Процессор: Core 2 Duo 2.4GHz (E6600) / Athlon X64 3400
√ Оперативная память: 2 GB
√ Видеокарта: Radeon HD 2600 XT / GeForce 9600 GSO / Intel HD 3000
√ Звуковое устройство: Совместимое с DirectX
√ Место на жестком диске: 2 GB 

Хардкорный зомби-экшен с полной свободой действий и открытым миром. В отличие от других представителей жанра, в State of Decay основной упор сделан не на отстрел ходячих мертвецов, а на выживание. Игроки смогут строить сторожевые башни, баррикады и другие сооружения для защиты от зараженных. Еда, вода, оружие, крыша над головой и боеприпасы — на этом разработчики сделали особый акцент. Поэтому игроку придется постоянно обыскивать магазины и заброшенные здания. Также можно найти группу других выживших, продать им свои ресурсы или, наоборот, что-нибудь купить у них. Но на этом взаимодействие с NPC не ограничится. Главный герой сможет объединиться с ними.
Интересно, что у героев помимо полезных навыков есть и недостатки. К примеру, толковый врач может оказаться алкоголиком, талантливый механик – трусом, а опытный фермер – самым настоящим психом. Поэтому, создавая команду выживших, придется учитывать ещё и психологическое состояние. 



Особенности репака
1. За основу взята версия от Microsoft ( upd.27(17));
2. Вшито:
• DLC BreakDown;
• DLC Lifeline
3. Ничего не вырезано
4. Ничего не перекодировано;
5. Установка ~3-5мин.;
6. Запуск игры с ярлыка на рабочем столе;
7. Репак от R.G. Freedom 

update 27(17) -OFFICIAL LAUNCH- Notes, 06/23/14 - V14.6.23.5340
-Addressed an area where the player could get out of the environment
-Disabled Crytek!!! error message box, we just dump an error log and exit now.
-Fixed the shipping container we thought was fixed but actually wasn't in the shipyard area.
-Sasquatch is now immortal at the inception of the THE mission
-Julene Horn is now only ed to die once, leaving only one Rucksack. **Affects the cases in which she dies during the mission, AND the case where the player dies.
-Supply Run with Kilo mission now does not trigger when he is a follower.
-Fixed an audio crash on continuing a game.
update 26(16) -OFFICIAL LAUNCH- Notes, 06/18/14 - V14.6.16.4257
-Fixed instances where players were only getting credit for rescuing 8 or less soldiers.
-Zombies no longer disappear if a siege finishes while you are away from the base.
-Fixed Words of Encouragement bonuses that weren't being applied during Radio Calls for assistance after stamina depletion if you've exited the game and then continued.
-Fixed a bad character reference with a small text change.
-Shortened Sasquatch's overblown and silly name.
-Fixed power lines that were not lining up correctly and horizontally sticking out in the.
-Fixed church crosses that weren't loading in correctly and appeared as black.
-Fixed instances where the players were getting stuck on a wheelchair sign near the supermarket.
-Fixed cameras going through the wall of the building near the Landing Zone.
-Fixed spot where the player could get out of the intended environment.
-Fixed two buildings that when viewed from specific areas were partially buried in the ground.
-Fixed an area where environmental zombies (Zeds that aren't meant to be interacted with) were easily visible to the player.
-Fixed AI hang for when NPC's would refuse to get into vehicles.
-Renamed the advice-giving doctor "Schupman".
-Fixed a series of text errors.
-Fixed issues with Julene's friend becoming unresponsive when Julene would die while gathering at her house.
-Fixed issue with Vienna Cho never becoming rescue-able. (This should help with progression stalls.)
-Fixed an issue with broken stats that was tied to the generator and refrigeration. The construction bonuses would become too high but the refrigeration wouldn't offset and everyone would become sick if they would quit and reload multiple times. These should now give correct bonuses.
-An invisible wall was removed from a small danger zone near black Friday
-Made a pathing change to prevent zombies from running through the back wall of the building
-Fixed localization capabilities for RV text.
-Added dump files that will help us discover why ULL Crashes are happening.
-Disabled rumble when we enter a scene (should fix infinite rumble when you finish a siege with rumble active)
-Fixed Medical Advice and Words of Encouragement across all games

update 25(15) -OFFICIAL LAUNCH- Notes, 06/05/14 - V14.6.5.3080
-Allow refugees to recycle in lifeline after a full cycle of refugees - once you've met everyone and either rescued them or...otherwise, the game will start from the top of the list so that the game can continue.
-Important persons should no longer become 'Away From Home' and will stay at the base.
-Removed a problematic issue preventing Cho from acknowledging successes once she was at your base.
-Fix for 'fainting' before the first siege. Fainting should now be impossible until after that siege is over. Death is death.
-Removed access to an area in the port we didn't intend to be playable area. (There was an area in the port in the NW area of the map, where you could climb over a wall next to the crane and run around in a small zone and eventually hit some invisible walls. Borrrrrrrrring.)
-Vehicles should now be repaired by advanced Workshops post siege.
-Eldridge's post-rescue scene (on the radio with Highroad) should no longer turn driving players into car-centaurs.
-Removed teleports from VIP "Found" scenes, to prevent ugliness in cases where the intended building is not cast.
-Made Sasquatch pacifistic and unkillable during Bloater and Screamer Hunting missions, to prevent him from screwing up the Bloater all the time.
-Fixed bad reference to the most advanced versions of the Infirmary that was preventing sick people from getting better.
-Fixed a case where Greyhound 2 soldiers were invulnerable when they became playable.
-Baroque church near international district should no longer appear blown out with black squares atop each steeple.
-Display score between breakdown levels
-Grenade launchers and mines now count towards Grenadier
-Fix to a rucks-in-trucks crash. (From ChrisP: There was an issue where rucks in trucks were being saved in a particular order, and if one of the rucks was removed, the order was not being re-saved, so if a player then went to pull a second ruck, it would cause the game to crash.)
-Fix painkiller and snack resets in Supply Locker after next day. One per population decrement +/- morale/sickness of population
-Characters no longer consume the snacks and painkillers that they carry in their inventory on end of day.
update 24(14) -OFFICIAL LAUNCH- Notes, 05/30/14 - V14.5.28.1775
*added Lifeline DLC
*final fixes for Lifeline DLC

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