Far Cry 4 [v 1.5] (2014) PC | Патч
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Far Cry 4 [v 1.5] (2014) PC | Патч
Дата выхода: 2014 г. 
ЖанрAction, Shooter, 3D, 1st, Person
Разработчик: UbiSoft Montreal
Издательство: Ubisoft Entertainment
Версия обновления: 1.5.0 (новая от 09 Декабря 2014) 
Язык игры: русский + английский
Таблетка: Присутствует (3DM|ALI213)

1. Запустить файл Setup в папке Update и следовать инструкции
2. Применить таблетку и *другие файлы если требуется
3. Играть

Update v1.5.0 PC
поддержка соотношения сторон 21:9
в мировую версию игры добавлены русские субтитры и текст
исправлена ошибка с задержками работы мыши
устранена проблема с прицеливанием
исправлены проблемы, вызываемые переназначением кнопок управления
устранена проблема Uplay, когда приглашение приходит через Steam
исправлены баги с интерфейсом
решены проблемы с графикой и редактором карт
повышена общая производительность
и другие проблемы 

Update v1.4.0 PC
• Fixed the "black screen" issue PC players were experiencing when certain USB peripherals were plugged in.
• Fixed the "grey screen" issue some PC players were may have encountered after the Outpost Master Mission.
PVP + Co-Op
• The game will no longer freeze if a player accepts a Co-Op invite while in the Uplay App after quickly selecting a storage device.
• Players will no longer experience very low FPS if they join a friend in a PvP lobbly while in the Uplay browser.
• The game will no longer remain on a black screen if they use the Fast Travel feature immediately after the Bell Tower unlock cinematic.
• Resolved certain issues that prevented a player from returning to the Story Mode from the Co-Op tab.
• Players will now be able to achieve 100% progression if they do not drive a snowmobile when the vehicle is available.
• Players will now be able to reach 100% progression after the "Day 1" Patch is applied.
• Corrected an issue where Trophies would not be rewarded for several weapons.
Main Menu
• The player will now hear ambient sound if they return tot he Main Menu from the Uplay App. Update v1.3.0 Here is the list of known issues fixed by the Day 1 Patch. Note, the patch for PC users contains a number of additional fixes - these are indicated throughout the notes below.
Stability & Performance
• Fixed some random crashes on all game modes
• Fixed various edge case animation issues
• Fixed various edge case detection issues
• Fixed missing VO for edge case reaction issues
Matchmaking, Connectivity & Replication
• Fixed matchmaking edge case issues
• Fixed host migration random & edge case issues
• Fixed join-in-progress edge case issues
• Fixed various replication issues between host and clients
• Fixed edge case replication issues with systems
Menus and HUD
• Fixed various edge case menus and pop-up overlap issues
• Fixed Mission objectives & updates issues
• Fixed Co-op specific pop-up updates issues
• Fixed few localization issues (cut-off text, subtitles)
• Fixed progression displaying 100% too early in progress tab
• Polished tutorial images
Mission Tweaks (Campaign, Co-Op & Side Content)
• Fixed various low repro walkthrough breaks
World & 3D
• Fixed various texture issues
• Deleted some rare floating objects
Rendering & Graphics Features (PC Only)
• Fixed rendering features not available under certain configurations
• Fixed multi-monitor display issues
• Fixed multiple visual artifacts; added SLI support
Inputs & Controls (PC Only)
• Fixed mouse cursor and keyboard functionality
In-Game map editor
• Fixed some graphical corruptions
• Fixed some edge case issue with maps upload

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